Tips on Selling Your Home: Small Improvements = Big Rewards

It’s always a good idea to spruce up the exterior and interior of your home before listing it for sale. But that doesn’t mean you need to tackle a major and/or expensive project.


These are typically things that were put-off, and often needed to be done anyways. Remember, something as simple as fixing cracked plaster or damaged drywall can make a huge difference, as a surface scratch to you might look like major structure problems to a buyer, putting them off to your competition.

Did you know a little effort can considerably increase the perceived value of your home? After all, if you wanted to undertake a large-scale renovation, you most likely wouldn’t be selling!  

Little Improvements = Big Returns


Here are some simple steps you can easily do to increase the perceived value of your house and make a fabulous first impression, potentially selling your home faster, better and possibly for more money...


Home Selling Checklist:    

Outdoor/Exterior Appearance

Curb Appeal

  • Keep lawns trim
  • Prune shrubs and hedges
  • Edge and weed gardens
  • Keep driveway clear of debris/snow and treat oil spills
  • Power wash any necessary areas
  • Clear the garage contents (purge)
  • Touch up paint
  • Plant bright, inexpensive flowers in planters where necessary


Front Door Formula

  • Sweep and clean both porch and foyer
  • Ensure working doorbell
  • Fix any broken screens
  • Freshly varnish or paint front door
  • Repair key access and door locks

Indoor/Interior Appearance: Atmosphere

Entice a Buying Ambiance (at the open house/viewings)

  • Ensure your house smells absolutely fresh and clean
  • Turn on the lights to increase your home's brightness
  • Perfect the Temperature: Turn on air conditioner/heater
  • Draw back the drapes (open)
  • Have the fireplace going (where applicable)


Create the Illusion of Space

  • Clear stairs and halls of all clutter
  • Store excess furniture offsite
  • Clear stove top and kitchen counter areas (it's supposed to look sparse)
  • Pack away personal photos such that buyers can envision the home as theirs
  • Purge closets of unnecessary clothing and stuff, if it's jam packed buyers will assume there's too little storage
  • Remove and recycle empty boxes and containers


General Maintenance

  • Repair leaking toilets and taps
  • Replace or clean furnace and filters
  • Secure and tighten door latches and knobs
  • Fix cracked plaster or damaged drywall           
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint and touch ups where applicable
  • Clean and repair windows and sills
  • Repair and caulk seals around basins and tubs
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Apply oil to squeaking doors
  • Fix squeaky floor boards


Sparkly Clean

  • Scrub and freshen bathrooms
  • Wipe down fridge and stove (in and out)
  • Clean around heating vents
  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Launder drapes, dust window blinds, clean carpets
  • Definately take care of pet odors and stains!
  • Get a Free Home Evaluation


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